Barrowford Surgery: 01282 612 621

Minor Surgery

Doctor Ashworth carries out minor surgery procedures by appointment.

You will need a consultation with Dr Ashworth first before these appointments can be booked.

Dr Ashworth is able to do joint injections, excisions, aspirations and incisions.

Flu Vaccination

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes and for those who are residents of nursing/rest homes or carers.

Please contact the reception staff in September for details of the vaccination dates, to find out if you are eligible for the Vaccine and to make an appointment if you are.

Non-NHS Examinations

Dr Ashworth carries out medicals, for insurance reports, driving licence reports etc, by appointment outside of normal surgery hours. Please telephone the surgery for an appointment. The fees charged for these services are in line with the BMA recommended charges.

Care Navigation

You may have noticed that we now ask for a brief outline of your problem when you call to make an appointment at the practice. This is because we have developed a new role in the practice - called a care navigator - to help you to see the right health professional first time. We have trained a number of staff to take on this new role. Our care navigators will work with you to fully understand what your needs are and ensure that we help you with your problem efficiently and conveniently. Their goal is to ensure that you get the right care at the right time in the right place with the right outcome.

Through specialist training, our team can now offer more choice on who to see in the practice and help you get to the right health professional fast. Our care navigators never offer clinical advice or triage; this is about offering you the choice to see other more appropriate health professionals, often quicker and without the need to see the GP each time.

For example, we often get calls that can be dealt with by an optician, the pharmacist, or the nurse, that you may not be aware of if you haven’t visited the practice in a while.

By working this way, it helps us to free up time for GPs to care for our patients with complex or serious health conditions and it means that you will find it easier to get a GP appointment when you need one. More importantly though, it means you are seen by the most appropriate health professional that is best placed to deal with your problem each time you visit us. The choice is up to you.

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